3000 Tons of Waste


3000 tones of plastic waste left the UK, a couple of days ago, on a ship destined for Sweden. Where is that going? Well we can all wonder but it will probably end up in landfill, or even the oceans. It is becoming increasingly important if we are to rescue this planet for our children and grandchildren, to STOP THIS ENVIRONMENT ABUSE.

While some of us are completely aghast at this destructive behaviour it seems that it has a full head of steam and trying to turn the tide is going to be an uphill battle. There seem to be very few of us trying to preserve the environment. While most of us are AWARE of the dangers of plastics, be it bottles, plastic packaging or straws, eliciting a stop to the production of such planet destroying items is proving a difficult task.

People need to take responsibility in their own areas and protest to the companies making these products, and the supermarkets using plastics to wrap produce, to stop these practices.

We at Many Other Options are offering an opportunity for investors to invest in filling stations for filtered spring water to allow people to obtain their filtered springs water WITHOUT having to purchase it in a plastic bottle. By buying your water in a plastic bottle most of the cost involved is the plastic bottle and not the water.


Many Other Options is offering investors the opportunity to invest in filtered spring water filling stations which offer an answer to ridding the planet of plastic water bottles. The second benefit is that you can obtain 12% return on your investment which is a win/win on both issues. Not only are we doing our part in getting rid of an environment destroying issue but you are making a great return on your investment. An investment of AUS$25,000 will return a 12% pa return and the interest is paid out monthly.

Your investment is protected under a special PPSR (Personal Protection Security Registry) government run organisation which secures your asset.

For more information contact carol at manyotheroptions@gmail.com




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