About Carol

Hi everyone and Welcome to my Many Other Options website. Finance has been an integral part of my life from my teenage years when my businessman father started me working on his accounts. He was very particular about getting the job done right the first time. Do it once, do it right I can still hear ringing in my ears. It was a great foundation on which to build my life as it applies to everything I do.

Why I want to Help People

Over the years I have been responsible for not only my own finances but also those of the household when I married as my husband was busy getting a degree. With the advent of children it became extremely important to manage the ongoing expenses of mortgage, food, utilities and all that goes with running a household.

That early experience was vital as I became a single mother with 6 children to provide for and budgeting was a crucial element in making sure that there was a roof over our heads, food on the table, shoes on their feet, clothing, school expenses and sporting equipment and fees for their various activities. It meant working 5 jobs a week initially.

With all that experience in my private life I was also in positions in my working life that necessitated running the accounts, paying invoices and balancing the cash books. It gave me a greater insight into the finance world and I eventually set up my own Finance company after the birth of my 7th child and the breakdown of my second marriage.

At the time I started my Finance Company no one had heard much about interest only mortgage loans. No one had ever heard of short term, high interest loans for businesses. I had the privilege of introducing both and had the satisfaction of seeing young couples get into a home of their own in growing outer city areas and compounding their efforts. Business entities also benefited in that I was able to arrange loans between those business entities that had cash in the bank to business entities that needed short term funds to cover perhaps getting their goods released from customs or other short term shortfalls. Obviously the interest rate was high but it filled a niche in the market at the time.


The Goal of my Site

With many years of experience behind me and always looking for opportunities to help people I have linked with some very influential people who are in the position to offer 12% Plus ROI on selected investments. Some are real estate secured and are for short term – from 3 months to 1 year with 12% plus interest, with the interest paid monthly. Imagine if you just banked that monthly interest, how quickly it would compound. Unfortunately some people see this as extra spending money whereas if young people would do this for a couple of years they would see how quickly it would grow. We could then offer them an opportunity, once they had a mortgage, to turn that mortgage into a Business Opportunity and cut their mortgage by 5-15 years. This is an Australian only opportunity unfortunately.

The second investment opportunity is Global and is asset backed with the investor owning the asset which is protected by a PPSR. For those who do not know what a PPSR is – I explain. It is Personal Property Securities Register which is a national online register to help protect consumers when they are buying assets and is a Australian Government backed structure. If you enter into this asset backed investment then you register your ownership and no matter what happens you always own the asset. This is a great investment source for Super Funds or Pension funds if you are an overseas investor.



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