Many Other Options offers private investors and entrepreneurs access to opportunities and markets that are not usually available through financial advisers or banking institutions.

We are committed to providing a wide range of assets that deliver strong positive or environmental impact. Stringent due diligence processes are applied when sourcing products to present to the public, both here in Australia and Globally.

Our current ETHICAL INVESTMENT here in Australia, is connected to the environment. We have all heard, I am sure, of the reports of the damage that plastics are doing to our environment. Plastic bags/bottles and straws are causing absolute chaos for turtles, sea birds, dolphins, whales and penguins.

Being aware of the catastrophe this is causing is one thing but how to help is another. We have arrived at a part solution that everyone can do on a daily basis to help preserve our oceans, in particular, from the damage plastics are causing. To that end we, in Australia, are embarking on a major offensive to get rid of plastic drinking bottles. We are promoting a new way of providing filtered water through a system devised by an Australian company.

The company has been able to produce a stainless steel bottle that is safe and reusable and one that you can purchase and use on a constant basis with the filtered spring water being available through a kiosk system. The system has been under review for over two (2) years and is now ready to be promoted to the public.



Major contracts are expected from schools, sports clubs, hospitals, railway stations etc. and other outlets are investigating the value of putting these kiosks into their premises. This will allow people to purchase a safe vessel, or you can bring your own, for the purchase of filtered spring water.  A great innovation to get into our schools, in particular, to enable our kids to drink water instead of sugar filled soft drinks. Water is a much healthier option in light of the rise of obesity in our children.

The launch of this new system is imminent and we offer the Investors this ETHICAL INVESTMENT opportunity to get in on the ground floor in one of the best ENVIRONMENTAL INVESTMENT options in Australia to hit the market in 2018. Your your opportunity awaits to invest in this Safe, Secure, Short Term investment project and enjoy interest rates of 12% plus pa with the interest payable monthly.

No restriction is placed on how many of these kiosks you can invest in however invest in four (4) or more and the interest rate rises to 13.5% annually. The war on waste is a global challenge and when you realise that 1million bottles a minute are dropped into the Environment we can see that this is not an issue that is going to be solved in the short term. We can however set ourselves on the road to protecting the Environment for our children and our grandchildren.



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