Global Opportunity

A great Retirement Investment Income opening now exists to maximise income for retirees globally. Passive business asset investments start from as low as AUD$25,000, offering 12% pa interest, paid monthly.


Knowing how vulnerable retirees can be is of paramount importance when it comes to investments that affect their future peace of mind. Asset protection of this particular product is achieved through the Australian Government’s Personal Protection Security Register (PPRS registry). The Investor always owns the asset and return of capital is assured through a buy-back guarantee.


Convenient term options are also important for RETIREMENT INVESTMENT INCOMES so short term is as important as the investment. Short terms in this instance is for 2 years with the ability to renew for periods up to 5 years.


Are paid MONTHLY into a nominated account


Research has shown that many annuities pay as low as 3.6% so we offer this comparison

$100,000 @ 3.5%pa = $  3,600pa equating to $ 300.00pm

$100,000 @ 12%      = $12,000pa equating to $1,000.00pm

That is over 3 TIMES more AND you GET BACK your initial capital to re-invest or re-allocate .


In this day and age is it difficult to find lucrative, safe opportunities and our aim is to always source reliable, dependable options to present. Our research takes time and only those entities which have a solid product and impeccable credentials are exposed to investors. This particular opportunity has been under research for over two (2) years and has met all the criteria necessary to live up to the claims made.

A newsletter is available for the investor monthly, on the asset, where it is, its identification information, and comments are encouraged. Communication is essential in building trust and integrity.

Personal research should be undertaken for anyone wanting to invest when the interest rate is as good as offered in this post. One should ask lots of questions and satisfy themselves that what is being promoted is actually what is being offered. Too often people get blindsided by the % being offered, especially when it is way above what is being touted elsewhere.

Personally I would not sell a product, or offer an opportunity unless I was prepared to either use the product or invest in the opportunity myself. Transparency is paramount.

Reading is often a great way to educate yourself so that you make the right decisions for YOU



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