Plastic bags, BOTTLES and straws are not only destroying our planet but they are killing our oceans and all that live in them. We at Many Other Options want to become part of the solution albeit a small part. With that in mind we are introducing a new innovation in the way we buy and or store our filtered spring water.

This new innovation comes at a time when people are becoming increasingly concerned about the world we are leaving for our children and grandchildren, whilst looking to save the planet. We also need to earn income and jobs as we knew them, are fast dwindling, due to technology, and people are looking for other ways to earn an income. Many Other Options have an innovation that can both these situations.

The advent of the steel bottle is not new however it has not been used to store or deliver water before. This bottle can be purchased and filled at a filling station with filtered spring water or, if you prefer, you can take your own bottle and get it filled. An opportunity exists to invest in this new system and your investment will earn income of 12% per annum with the interest being paid monthly. Your investment is protected and the asset always belongs to you and if at the end of the short term investment you wish to sell the equipment back to the company you can do so.




The UK consumes 3.3 tonnes of plastic annually. It is only able to recycle 9% domestically with exported to be recycled which does not alleviate the issue, only dumps the problem in another country for them to deal with. Sending plastics abroad for recycling does not solve the problem of the global scourge of plastic pollution. We need to create a world where resources are used sustainably and plastics are not a sustainable commodity. It requires some fundamental changes from all of us to attack the pollution plastics are causing, both to the environment in general and to our oceans.





A new system is being introduced here in AUSTRALIA whereby you can, either with a steel bottle purchased from the company, or your own bottle, fill it with filtered spring water from a filling outlet. These filling outlets are being investigated by sports clubs/hospitals/schools and other outlets as an alternative to using plastic bottles. If we think about this innovation we would realise that it makes sense if it gets rid of plastic bottles. Plastic bottles, while being the main contributor to the environment, it is not the only plastic causing concern. There are straws and packaging materials causing concern, however we tackle one issue at a time.



The reward in this instance is the ability for investors to invest in this new breaking technology. Most investors realise that getting in on the ground floor of anything new is a means to reap huge benefits and in this particular case the company is offering 12% ROI to investors with a monthly interest payment. The terms are from 2 to 5 years with a buy back guarantee offering a safe instrument in which to invest. Australia is a stable, safe country with a growing economy, albeit a little slow, it is still growing, and we are an economically viable option for investors.




There are relatively few opportunities worldwide where one can achieve a 12% return of interest on their investment let alone get the interest paid monthly.
To get in on this ground floor opportunity, that is available to a worldwide community, please feel free to e-mail us for more information.



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